Reviews: Glenkinchie 10 & 12. A lesson in disappointment

I’ve had two Glenkinchie’s to date, and it’s my lowest average scoring distillery. Here are my reviews:   Glenkinchie 10 yr – 43% ABV I was somewhat excited to try this one as I understand it’s discontinued, and has been for some time, (replaced by the 12yr). I haven’t had a lot of lowlands, but thought this could be an interesting dram. also noticed no … Continue reading Reviews: Glenkinchie 10 & 12. A lesson in disappointment

Glenkinchie Distiller’s Edition 1996/2010

I’m on a Lowland ‘kick’. In that I’m reviewing two of the ones I own. Don’t judge. Thanks to /u/ounknownto for this sample. Much appreciated. So big poppa Diageo brings out yet another Distiller’s Edition, this one from their Lowland Distillery. And I get it: It’s annoying that we get one or two dangled in front of us. Which is too bad. I think Lowland has… Continue reading Glenkinchie Distiller’s Edition 1996/2010

Glenkinchie 12

Pounds of samples, acting like I know everything, and spending too much at the bar. The answer? I think it’s time to dive back into some world whiskies and some standard fare. Oh don’t worry, I’ll still find a way to somehow taste something rare, IB, or very over priced that I shouldn’t have spent money on. I’m anything but not consistent. Have I mentioned… Continue reading Glenkinchie 12