Amrut Rye

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample. Indian heat and whisky methods, European Rye, Amrut yeast, and a friendly competition between two obsessive Canucks. That’s what’s lead us here. An assortment of international reasons that have lead me here. Amrut Rye seems insane. A company that makes Single Malts in a very distinctive Scottish way. The last thing I expected from them was a dram that was… Continue reading Amrut Rye

Amrut Triple Review: Rye, Double Cask and Virgin Oak Single Cask

I was dropping off a few mystery drams for devoz to add to a shipment for j4ni back in December so my wife and I came by to hang out for a drink or two. He had recently acquired a couple new Amruts and was gracious enough to share them with me, so I took a couple of notes. sparse notes because we were socializing … Continue reading Amrut Triple Review: Rye, Double Cask and Virgin Oak Single Cask

Review: Amrut Virgin Oak (Kensington Wine Market Exclusive)

Appearance: 1.8, Old Oak Nose: Caramel, chocolate, grainy, malty, menthol, rich oak, leather, ginger, pepper steak, almost some red stone fruits here too. Normally with Amrut single casks, you get mostly the core Amrut profile with an accent of the cask type, not so here. The Amrut profile is there, but it is dominated by a rich spice and sweetness. This is not an out … Continue reading Review: Amrut Virgin Oak (Kensington Wine Market Exclusive)

Amrut-pocalayplse [12 Part Review]

Thanks to /u/Jolarbear, /u/LetThereBeR0ck, /u/devoz, /u/WDMC-905, and /u/Schockwaves for the samples. Regulations are a funny thing. Looking at the history of the Scotch industry, one finds that the regulations have been a double edged sword. Originally people had a still, and took whatever leftover barely, wheat, etc. and put it in the still, and drank what came out. Simple alcohol, no cuts, and was something… Continue reading Amrut-pocalayplse [12 Part Review]