Jeremy’s Whisky of the Year 2017

It’s been an amazing year for me in whisky. I’ve tried more spirit in 2017 than any year previous. I started reviewing for Toronto Whisky Society, and made lots of friends and contacts in the Toronto whisky scene. As I reflect on 2017, I wanted to share some highlights. Ill start with my biggest disappointment of 2017. Without a doubt it’s Macallan 12 Year Double Cask. … Continue reading Jeremy’s Whisky of the Year 2017

Macallan Cask Strength (My 50th Review)

Macallan Cask Strength, 58.2% ABV, $300 USD Nose: Walnuts, almonds, marzipan, figs, grape jelly, very slight oak, little bit of chocolate-orange, fruit punch flavored Kool Aid powder, Flintstones Vitamins, strawberry and grape bubble gum. Taste: Grape bubble gum, marzipan (big time), cherry syrup, slight oak, strawberry jam, orange marmalade. Finish: Very long, very viscous. Grape bubble gun, slight oak, and chocolate-orange linger. Thoughts: The best … Continue reading Macallan Cask Strength (My 50th Review)

Macallan 15 1992 Murray McDavid

Second night of tasting, second night of taking time away from the pile of Bruichladdich Port Charlotte samples that scream out all at once and then continue screaming because my tongue hasn’t shot laser beams at them yet. What, how do you taste whisky? So I sat down, and /u/devoz offered me a Macallan. Pretty nice on a human level. If I was a autistic child who… Continue reading Macallan 15 1992 Murray McDavid

Macallan 17 & 18 Fine Oak

Macallan 17 Fine Oak, 43% ABV, $170 USD Nose: Pomegranate, wood smoke, floral, Juicy Fruit gum, and a general overall fresh citrus note. Taste: Pineapple, mango, Runts candy (banana & apple flavour), wood smoke, and chocolate. Finish: Medium length, slightly drying. Thoughts: Really nice elegant complexity to this. The nose is very nice, its like smelling the fruit isle at an overpriced market. Probably my … Continue reading Macallan 17 & 18 Fine Oak

Three Douglas Laing Double Barrel Offerings

Thanks to /u/cake_my_day for two of these samples. There are blends, blended malts, and vattings. Today we’re going to look at blended malts. Douglas Laing has an entire division devoted to the idea of taking two different whiskies from different distilleries, blending them together, and making something new. But not just two different whiskies. Two different single casks. All done for, and I’m quoting here, “a bit… Continue reading Three Douglas Laing Double Barrel Offerings

Macallan 10 Years Old (Sherry)

Macallan 10 Years Old (Sherry), 40% ABV, £66 including shipping, (Review: Drinks by the Dram 3cl sample) Nose: Classic Macallan-like sherry, cherries, strawberry jam, raisins, plums, fudge, and chocolate. Taste: Everything I got from the nose was on the palate, with a little more chocolate,  added oak, and spice. Finish: Medium length. Thoughts: I would be hard pressed to distinguish this from the current 12 … Continue reading Macallan 10 Years Old (Sherry)