Bruichladdich Port Charlotte MC:01

Travel retail typically gets a bad rap. And it’s from me as well, don’t act like I’m going to say otherwise. It’s typically used as a place where experiments that just didn’t make it belong. However every so often a company puts something there that perks us up. Previously Bruichladdich Port Charlotte CC:01 was one of them, their peated (but not as peated as Octomore)… Continue reading Bruichladdich Port Charlotte MC:01

Bunnahabhain 13 Marsala Finish

Thanks to /u/Davyj0ne5 for the sample Welcome to my new ongoing series, “Bunna-have you any more sir?”, in which I go through my backlog of way, WAY too many Bunnahabhains and review them. Alright, we took a break from OB Bunnahabhain with IB Bunnahabhain, and now we’re back to OB Bunnahabhain. It’s like a surprise warm bath, if you had really hot baths every day. Enough about my… Continue reading Bunnahabhain 13 Marsala Finish

Clynelish Wilson & Morgan Barrel Selection 1997/2016

Pop quiz punk: Two of your whisky friends keep talking about how Clynelish is good, as long as it’s finished, and you’ve only had ex-bourbon casks. They go in on a split: What do you do? Well you shoot the hostage. Duh. That scenario played out so quickly a few months ago that I basically gave into peer pressure, paid my portion of the bottle,… Continue reading Clynelish Wilson & Morgan Barrel Selection 1997/2016

Ardbeg Auriverdes, Galileo, Alligator, & Ardbog

Ardbeg. Now, when that name is put up anywhere, just by itself, we gush over it here at /r/Scotch like a specialty porn star. And it’s not really a surprise. They make amazing stuff. It’s peaty, it’s finished well, and they even have NAS product that we enjoy. So when I decided to go forth with this limited edition review bonanza, I didn’t know how it… Continue reading Ardbeg Auriverdes, Galileo, Alligator, & Ardbog