Nikka Yoichi SMWS 116.20 “Fascinating complexity & finesse”

(Thanks again to /u/Scotch_Fanatic for these drams, I think he’s 20 feet tall and fights back the worms of the earth) I have had a checkered past with Japanese whisky. Truthfully, I didn’t use to treat it all that well, because each one I had weren’t that great. Over time I’ve realized that’s because I had too many hits to the head as a child. Oh,… Continue reading Nikka Yoichi SMWS 116.20 “Fascinating complexity & finesse”

Nikka from the Barrel [Re-Review]

Community reviews are pretty amazing. I love being a part of them. That said, I don’t typically archive anything after the review. And thus, when a mystery dram is sent to me, sometimes it’s a repeat. That’s where this review (and some others in the coming years) come from. Also the place didn’t have the other whiskies I asked for first. And I needed something… Continue reading Nikka from the Barrel [Re-Review]