Laird of Finitry Lot 4

Thank you to /u/Devoz for the samples of this one, and thank you to the Toronto Whisky Society for including this in the tasting (so that I may enjoy it). Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is Western Canada’s oldest craft distillery. Wait a second. Before you get all excited, remember we’re talking about Canada. You know, the place that brought you “light whiskies because the market wants them”, “oops we… Continue reading Laird of Finitry Lot 4

TWS Whisky Awards 2017: Canadian Single Malts

In the first annual TWS Whisky Awards, we evaluated four categories of Canadian whiskies and spirits. In Part 1, we looked at under-aged spirits and non-whiskies. In Part 2, we’re evaluating four Canadian Single Malts. Maison Sivó L’Essence du Single Malt – Franklin, QC This bottle from Sivó is an in-progress single malt made from Quebec malted barley, which undergoes a 4 day fermentation before … Continue reading TWS Whisky Awards 2017: Canadian Single Malts