Barterhouse 20 Orphan Barrel

A while ago I was in our local province run government monopoly and while their undertrained workers were working around me and the management were watching me like a hawk because they think I’m an alcoholic master thief, I happened upon Barterhouse 20 Orphan Barrel. Given my provinces founding by groups of Scotsman who feel that spirits (note: not wine or beer) were the Devil, I… Continue reading Barterhouse 20 Orphan Barrel

Orphan Barrel – Barterhouse 20 year old Bourbon

Orphan Barrel – Barterhouse 20 year old Bourbon, 45.1% ABV, $100 CAD Nose: Black and Maraschino cherries. Big oak, toasted bread, almonds, and some vanilla. Taste: Heavy oak, very rich cherry (cherry pie filling), caramel, and an almond/marzipan thing going on. Finish: Medium to long, oak and cherry notes linger. Thoughts: 20 years of oak dominate the whisky, but it works here. I really like the cask influence. … Continue reading Orphan Barrel – Barterhouse 20 year old Bourbon