Royal Brackla SMWS 55.38 “Flaming Red Wine Punch”

Thanks to Tim for this sample! A quick side note: Right now I’m attempting a few things. My wife went through my samples and made an advent calendar for me to do during December. I’ve amassed four whiskies for my birthday. Oh and I said I’d at least review (not post) enough Irish whiskies to have 100 reviews of them. However every so often a… Continue reading Royal Brackla SMWS 55.38 “Flaming Red Wine Punch”

Royal Brackla 16

Thanks to /u/cpfselfbuilt for this sample. Michael Jackson once said that Royal Brackla was in Speyside. Most other reviewers placed it in the Highlands though, making our future discussions of whisky. I’ve never reviewed a Royal Brackla, unlike the former King of Reviewers. I seem to have missed this Bacardi owned whisky, and should fix that. The reason they are royal? In 1835 (an okay year, everyone… Continue reading Royal Brackla 16