Wigle Whiskey [Distillery Visit & Reviews]

Was visiting family down near Pittsburgh for a weekend and decided to check out the city, as I’d never been before. In the Strip district we came across the Wigle Distillery. We went in and they were selling flights, so I decided to try this “most awarded craft distillery”‘s offerings (and see if it’s most awarded because of quality, or because they enter the most … Continue reading Wigle Whiskey [Distillery Visit & Reviews]

Rabbit Hole Distillery Spotlight and Reviews

Rabbit Hole Distillery was founded in 2012 by Kaveh Zamanian and his wife, after 20 years in academia, with a goal of making unique whiskeys and experimenting with unique recipes. He’s collaborated with a number of former head distillers for the largest spirit companies in the world to develop his recipes. We received these samples from the distillery, as they wanted some reviews on the … Continue reading Rabbit Hole Distillery Spotlight and Reviews