Strathisla SMWS 58.17 “Not shaken, not stirred”

So as a child I was a pushover. Easily convinced of anything. Quite Naive, if you will. And if you pronounce that as “knave”, then you can fuck right off. Anyway, while I like to believe that I’m over that, every so often my inner child rears it’s ugly, fat little hit and makes me go along with the group. Case in point: SMWS 58.17… Continue reading Strathisla SMWS 58.17 “Not shaken, not stirred”

Strathisla 12

Thanks to /u/slackerdude for this sample. It hurts. It all hurts. The alcohol should be dulling the pain, yet no. You lift your head up from the unvcaring, stained wood bar, hearing some schmuck belting out Nickleback at the top of his lungs. He’s trying, yet the off notes, the uncaring acoustics and fellow drunks aren’t helping. A morose alcohol gatekeeper stares down at you, wiping… Continue reading Strathisla 12