Langatun Avo Jazz Session 1st Ed.

Thanks to /u/Throzen for pouring me the sample What goes after you had a mystery dram and finally got around to trying your second ever Langatun? Why mispronouncing another Langatun, of course! I keep adding an extra N. That’s not even a joke, I’m just bad at it. Langatun Avo Jazz Session 1st Ed.?is meant to evoke that idea of Jazz in that idea of creating something… Continue reading Langatun Avo Jazz Session 1st Ed.

Langatun Jacob’s Dram

Thanks to /u/Throzen for pouring me this dram. What is?Langatun Jacob’s Dram? This is the question I had when my buddy pulled it out at a tasting. Langatun is a distillery with roots in brewing. Each year that pulls out a distilled spirit and has some fun. Granted in Switzerland, before 2007, that couldn’t include distilling barley, as it turns out that Switzerland hated happiness. Or something… Continue reading Langatun Jacob’s Dram

Santis Highlander Edition Cask Strength Peated

I will always say this: If you enjoy Scotch, or Bourbon, yet can’t keep up with the price hikes, you should try a whisky that is made near you. It won’t always be amazing, however for every 10 bad or just “okay” whiskies out there, there’s a good company making tasty stuff. Just look at Amrut, or Forty Creek, or Sullivan’s Cove, or Nikka. If… Continue reading Santis Highlander Edition Cask Strength Peated