[Review] Talisker Surge

This is Talisker’s latest duty-free exclusive bottlings. It has a snazzy purple label, but it surpass the high bar set by Talisker 10? Nose: Strong, with some volatile character. Peppery peat – applewood-smoked BBQ, with that vinegary Carolina-style hot sauce. Green apples, lemon, and interestingly some strawberry. Slightly greenish-grassy. Palate: Light texture. Arrives with green apple, gooseberry, strawberry, and torched grass. Peppery and slightly acrid peat smoke … Continue reading [Review] Talisker Surge

2020 Holiday Whisky Gift Guide

2020 has been quite the year, and your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus celebrations are likely to look a little different than normal, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be buying whisky for your friends and family! We’ve put together an updated 2020 Gift Guide to help you find the best options at the LCBO! WHISKY $61 AND UNDER Wild Turkey 101 – a great bourbon for $38 currently … Continue reading 2020 Holiday Whisky Gift Guide

Talisker 25

Talisker 25, 2017 Release, 45.8% ABV, £168 with shipping (UK auction) Nose: Prune juice, apple juice, apricot, honey, vanilla, sweet smoke, leather, old dusty books, sea air, and salt water. Taste: Salt and brine, more peat heavy on the palate vs the nose. There’s a musty oak-smoke element, and a really nice cherry chocolate liqueur/dark chocolate note. Finish: Long. Decent complexity. Chocolate and peat notes … Continue reading Talisker 25

Group Review: Talisker 10

Here’s the next in our series of TWS group reviews. Six of our members have posted reviews of this popular island dram and it was great to see what the consolidated group’s thoughts on it were. Talisker 10 Group Review Summary Top 5 Tasting Notes: Peat, Smoke, Brine, Sugar, Pepper (see word cloud for full breakdown of flavour notes we recorded) Max Score: 90 Min Score: 82 Average Score: 85.3 … Continue reading Group Review: Talisker 10

Bryan’s Scotland Trip Part 5 – Duty Free

At the Edinburgh duty free for an evening flight. The whisky reps are out in full force pouring samples. took some very sparse, quick notes, didn’t comment on appearance for most because they all look like e150. I’d seen the Talisker Skye in bottle shops and was curious so I started with it, expecting a standard Talisker dram Talisker Skye – 45.8% ABV Nose: Salty. … Continue reading Bryan’s Scotland Trip Part 5 – Duty Free

Talisker 18

This is the first in a three part series I’m calling “Talisker: Barely Know her!” Yes, that should alienate some of my fans nicely. So, up first we have Talisker 18. Winner of the 2007 World Whisky award for Best Whisky in the World, I’ve always wondered about this Diageo sponsored whisky. It’s suppose to be “well received just about everyone”. Well that’s a tall… Continue reading Talisker 18

Toronto Whisky Society’s Inaugural Feather’s Night

last night was the inaugural Toronto Whisky Society meet-up (not that we called ourselves that back then… more of a /r/canadawhisky subreddit meetup), and we had a big crowd out at the Feathers Pub in Toronto! had a great group come out around 8 and i think we stayed till 12:30ish. everyone had a bunch of drams and from what i could tell, a really good time! … Continue reading Toronto Whisky Society’s Inaugural Feather’s Night