About Us

We are a group of whisky lovers from the Greater Toronto Area who originally met through Reddit’s Whisky Network. We began to meet up at bars, homes and distilleries to explore whisky as a group and established the Toronto Whisky Society with the following goals:

1. Promote the enjoyment and appreciation of whisky in the GTA
2. Provide honest, unbiased evaluation of the whiskies we drink
3. Organize whisky-centric events and experiences for our members
4. Release insider knowledge and advance notice of new LCBO releases
5. Facilitate interaction between distilleries and whisky fans

We aim to accomplish these goals by creating high quality online content and in-person events.

TWS’s charter members are below and Club Executives are indicated by *. The icons will connect you to their content elsewhere on the web and social media.

  • *Bryan Vanderkruk wordpress-logo_318-335531478041880_twitter_social_media_logo 1478041879_instagram_social_media_logo
  • *Devoz 1478041883_reddit_social_media_logo
  • Connor Slack  wordpress-logo_318-33553 1478041879_instagram_social_media_logo
  • TOModera wordpress-logo_318-33553 1478041880_twitter_social_media_logo
  • Kyle Butler 1478041883_reddit_social_media_logo 1478041880_twitter_social_media_logo
  • Kinohead 1478041883_reddit_social_media_logo
  • Boyd86 1478041883_reddit_social_media_logo
  • Xile_ 1478041883_reddit_social_media_logo
  • Vincent Leung  1478041879_instagram_social_media_logo
  • DistillAsian 1478041883_reddit_social_media_logo
  • Jolarbear 1478041883_reddit_social_media_logo
  • WDMC905 1478041883_reddit_social_media_logo 

Other notable influencers among our membership include:

  • *Devin Krebs 1478041879_instagram_social_media_logo
  • Mark Bylok 1478041880_twitter_social_media_logo
  • *Grayce Yuen 1478041879_instagram_social_media_logo
  • Jeremy Heavey 1478041879_instagram_social_media_logo
  • *Michael O’Leary 1478041879_instagram_social_media_logo