Glenfiddich 2023 – first event of the year!

The first tasting for the new year brought out some familiar faces to celebrate Glenfiddich with a couple stalwarts from their line-up, plus some new ones to the group: Long time friend of TWS Jamie Johnson led the evening with a fantastic lineup including: The 14 Bourbon barrel was familiar to most, but new to a few. The bourbon lovers in the room really loved … Continue reading Glenfiddich 2023 – first event of the year!

Lucky Bastard Distillery – Saskatoon

Shortly before the pandemic, I left the company I had been with for about a decade for a new job, but a project that was underway needed to be finished before I left. Finishing that project meant accompanying a customer to our plant in Saskatchewan, one of the only provinces I had yet to visit! So of course before heading out there, I called up … Continue reading Lucky Bastard Distillery – Saskatoon

Park Whisky Society X Toronto Whisky Society tasting

There are so many whisky clubs out there these days, and they take many different forms. Some have long histories and many chapters across the country who enjoy formal tastings with dinners. Others, like us, were millennial-founded and approach whisky from a very nerdy, inquisitive place, and that passion for trying new bottles leads to the pursuit of unique brands and bottlings. The Park Whiskey … Continue reading Park Whisky Society X Toronto Whisky Society tasting

Cognac & Armagnac tasting with Alec

Every year we fit in one non-whisky event, to continue to broaden our horizons a bit! One of our members happens to be a Cognac/Armagnac aficionado and asked if he could help lead an event focusing on this spirit, which we were happy to do! Alec led the tasting over zoom and it was incredibly informative. We learned about how brandies are made, what makes … Continue reading Cognac & Armagnac tasting with Alec

Battle of India Tasting: Amrut vs Paul John

In September 2021 we had a very fun event we called the ‘Battle of India’ where we pitted the two big single malt producers from India against one another: Amrut and Paul John. We had 3 pairs of spirits that were similar in nature to one another from each distillery, and one mystery dram at the end. Each pair was tasted blind and members guessed … Continue reading Battle of India Tasting: Amrut vs Paul John

Bunnahabhain Instagram Live Tasting – June 2021

In summer 2021, we had an event fall through fairly last minute, but fortunately, The Whisky Explorer came to the rescue! Mike Brisebois used to be the brand ambassador for the Distell Group of scotch brands (Bunnahabhain, Ledaig, Tobermory, Deanston, Black Bottle) before branching out on his own endeavour which includes: Needless to say, we’re big fan’s of Mike’s and had done some events with … Continue reading Bunnahabhain Instagram Live Tasting – June 2021

Oddballs 2021

While Covid changed a lot of things, one thing it didn’t change was our annual Oddballs tradition! in 2021, we had a great Oddballs line-up tasted over Zoom including the following drams, all of which were single cask and cask strength Opinions and favourites were mixed, but everyone agreed there were some massive surprises in the line-up, with the speyside’s sulphury palate being the most … Continue reading Oddballs 2021