What are you drinking January 25th?

What are you drinking January 25th? Some readers may think that this is a strange question. Why this date you may ask? Those who celebrate January 25th annually with cock-a-leekie soup, neeps, tatties and haggis know that January 25th is Robbie Burns Day. Many may be surprised to learn that they have already raised a glass, indirectly, to Robbie Burns when they rang in the … Continue reading What are you drinking January 25th?

TWS Custom Bottlings

The Toronto Whisky Society has curated some amazing custom bottlings over the years. Here are some pics and descriptions of them! Our inaugural bottling in 2017, This Tobermory 21 yr single cask is aged in ex-bourbon and very lightly peated. Bottled in partnership with Heads & Tails and The Whisky Agency. A gorgeous dram for our first barrel pick! This Orkney (Highland Park) 17yr single … Continue reading TWS Custom Bottlings

Waterford Whiskey tasting – Feb 2021

In feb 2021 we held a tasting with Waterford Whiskey from Ireland, virtually connecting with the team at the distillery while tasting some of their wares. Waterford’s raison d’etre is to evaluate and demonstrate the effect of terroir on whiskey, much like with the wine industry. They closely monitor the climate and soil conditions at their various farms, creating single farm whiskeys and blends thereof. … Continue reading Waterford Whiskey tasting – Feb 2021