Mackmyra The First Edition & Mackmyra Brukswhisky

Sweden. A land like no other. Or some others. So much that I can’t really make many Swedish jokes about their culture because it’ll sound like I have no idea what I”m talking about. Like, a moose? We have that. Good Hockey teams? So does Finland (and Canada). A funny language? Really? Have you seen English? It’s ridiculous. Tons of snow, beautiful women, blondes… geez,… Continue reading Mackmyra The First Edition & Mackmyra Brukswhisky

White Owl

Innovation and marketing are odd ducks. So we now have new distilleries releasing white spirit and very young spirit in order to pay the bills while the spirit ages. And I can understand that. However we also have Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, and even Alberta Highwood Distillers, makers of Centennial and Thunder Bolt Rye. I recently had the chance to try their White Whisky, White… Continue reading White Owl

Drambuie & Drambuie 15

Flavoured whisky… it’s a bitch, isn’t it? A new idea, brought forward by a bunch of people who don’t spend half the time of even the beginner of beginner’s of whisky. It’s Cinnamon or Cherry or Honey bullshit, that’s what it is. Except.. wait, what about Drambuie? So yes, that’s a strawman.Completely. Most people here probably don’t mind or even enjoy a flavoured whisky every… Continue reading Drambuie & Drambuie 15