Blackadder The Legendary 23 [Review #700]

Thanks to /u/Schockwaves for this dram. I saved an odd dram for this milestone. 700 reviews. I’m quite surprised I’m not permanently drunk at this point. A few months ago, I noticed I had never had anything from Blackadder independent bottlers. And that bugged me, for no other reason than I’m a nerd. I feel I needed to try something from them. So I asked.… Continue reading Blackadder The Legendary 23 [Review #700]

Highland Park 1988 26 Cadenhead’s Small Batch Cask Strength

Thanks to /u/HD355 for setting up the bottle split on this one. And letting a moderately sized Canuck boy join in. This was done in the style of Stuart McLean, a favourite artist of mine. Thank you for the indulgence of vocabulary. Whisky is one of my main hobbies. From the first time I tried it at the young age of 11, and decided “there’s… Continue reading Highland Park 1988 26 Cadenhead’s Small Batch Cask Strength

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength [RE-REVIEW]

Thanks to someone who traded me this. They are no longer on Reddit. When last we left off, I, your intrepid hero of drinking whiskey and … uh… stuff… was trying multiple bourbon’s at a pace he’d consider “fast” and trying to write down notes to not seem too “stupid”. He failed at both. As such, hoping to add clarity to the dozens of fan… Continue reading Maker’s Mark Cask Strength [RE-REVIEW]

Bushmills Original

If you’re anything like me, you view whiskey reviewing as an all encompassing hobby that strives to drive you to drink every type of whiskey available and feel downtrodden when you haven’t officially reviewed a base spirit for fear that some Internet strangers (and some friends) will judge you. Just me? Gotcha. Good. I’m a fucking snowflake of un-imagined proportions (most of them wide). Bushmills… Continue reading Bushmills Original

Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter

Thanks to /u/Phreaky-Zee for this sample. I work in marketing. Now that you’re done yelling at your screen and downvoting me, I’ll continue. One thing that pops up from time to time in marketing is the idea of “sourcing” ideas from your fans. Some of these have turned out well. Lays Potato Chips has a very successful campaign. Then there’s Mountain Dew. Or the Canadians… Continue reading Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter