Still Waters New Make Rye [Aging Experiment]

Hey /r/worldwhisky[1] , it’s experiment time again! So I started off with a an experiment in my mini cask. All of this was completely experimental, I had no idea what I was doing, and I bought 3 different new makes to age. After asking around, I planned out my aging and went ahead. The first one was a Guadaloupe overproof rum. It turns into a… Continue reading Still Waters New Make Rye [Aging Experiment]

Clynelish 14

Last full day in the UK, and I wanted to end my long, long list of whisky reviews (oh god my liver hurts) with an advanced, interesting, and sometimes maligned dram before leaving. Yup, it’s time to review another from the Next Level malts list, the Clynelish 14. I happened to butch the name as I ordered it, leaving the poor bartender from Spain to… Continue reading Clynelish 14

Dalmore 15

As I mentioned in my past review of Dalmore 12, I’ve run low on really rare malts to try at our favourite pub in Leicester, The Parcel Yard. Thus I’m forced to try out some malts that I can’t get back home that I typically move away from. Dalmore’s are not cheap. That’s a given we all know about. Ignoring the constellation series completely and… Continue reading Dalmore 15

Cambus 20 1991 Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection

And now for a couple of weirdos. I was out of SMWS, and noticed two interesting bottles on the top shelf of the Parcel Yard. Finding out that they were, in fact, Scotch, I asked for a dram of each (on two separate occasions, otherwise liver = dead). The first was the Cambus 1991 Signatory Vintage Cask Strength 20 year old. I’ve never had a… Continue reading Cambus 20 1991 Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection

Dalmore 12

We’re all starting to hit that point in the trip where it turns out that our otherwise healthy habits of not running and eating food with butter in it aren’t helping us walk 4 hours a day and drink every day. Go figure, eh? Unfortunately, the bar I’ve been enjoying, the Parcel Yard in Leicester, has run out of independent bottlings for me to try.… Continue reading Dalmore 12

Bruichladdich DNA 4th edition MCMLXXXV [100th Scotch Review/Request]

Here it is folks, my 100th review, and it’s a review request from way back. Couple things before I start: I’d like to point out that 100 reviews ago, I was just a lurker on /r/Scotch[1] who had (and some would argue still has) a minor interest in Whisky. I knew I liked it, yet I was pretty frightened to review it. What if I… Continue reading Bruichladdich DNA 4th edition MCMLXXXV [100th Scotch Review/Request]