Century Reserve Lot 15-25

Thanks (I think) to /u/muaddib99 for sharing this dram. And thanks (I know) for hosting the most recent Canadian Reddit Whisky-Nerd meetup. So we, the whisky nerds, herded ourselves downtown to meetup. Each of us brought the drams of shit we didn’t want anymore. Well… not really. We brought a bunch of stuff. And we decided on some good, and we shared stuff we may not… Continue reading Century Reserve Lot 15-25

Glen Garioch Vintage 1995

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for swapping me this sample. Hangovers are funny things. For instance, as I type this, I’ve fought tooth and nail against one. Why? Well I wasn’t drinking whisky. I was drinking port. Because whisky angered me, due to Jim Murray’s stupid announcement. So I went to a house warming party and drank port. Also I didn’t feel like buying a new bottle just… Continue reading Glen Garioch Vintage 1995

Toronto Whisky Society Meetup at Bryan’s Condo, 2015

so a while ago I promised to have a bunch of the Toronto Whisky Society guys down for a few drams and finally followed through on that promise. This was our first meet-up as a group aside from when we hit up Feather’s Pub a few months back. We had 6 guys out including me and a buddy of mine from Hamilton, jolarbear devoz kinohead and tomodera. … Continue reading Toronto Whisky Society Meetup at Bryan’s Condo, 2015