Canadian Club (1969)

Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH for this sample. Mad Men. Some of us watched it. I probably should have, since I’m in Marketing and it would make me feel cool before breaking down in tears at what really happens in my life. Just kidding: I cry anyways. However I didn’t watch it. Why? Because he drank Canadian Club. That’s not actually the reason, that’s just one I’m… Continue reading Canadian Club (1969)

Ardbeg 23 1991 Single Cask (Master of Malt)

Get this: Master of Malt, who have tons of whisky, also do single cask bottlings themselves! Oh, everyone knew that. Guess here in Canada, where Single Cask bottlings offend the Governor General or some such horseshit, it’s still pretty amazing to me. Man I wish we’d fix our laws here. Oh well, at least I had friends who were willing to sit on this sample… Continue reading Ardbeg 23 1991 Single Cask (Master of Malt)

Compass Box This is Not a Luxury Whisky

Thanks to /u/lvl1dramacenter for this sample. Another high end Compass Box? So soon? Well I said I’d review these soon, and then… I buried the rest of my Compass Box samples in my sample hutch. Which is hard to search when you trade like a madman and don’t drink fast enough. Poor me. Too much booze. Up next I’ll cry because my wife is too beautiful… Continue reading Compass Box This is Not a Luxury Whisky

Compass Box Flaming Heart 15th Anniversary Edition

Thanks to /u/dustlesswalnut for this sample. Let’s not beat around the bush: Mostly because there’s very few women who enjoy that (especially Lesbians). Oh wait, maybe that’s beat off… my bad. Anyway, what I’m saying is this: I’ve had other Flaming Hearts before, and I’m not talking about my time as a great African war leader and eating them to gain my enemies power. I’m talking… Continue reading Compass Box Flaming Heart 15th Anniversary Edition

Seagram’s V.O.

Very Optimal? Probably not. Virgin Oil? Maybe, though I think I wouldn’t have drank most of it then. Vertically Optimal? I’m going to guess no, as it predates silly marketing speak. Whatever the meaning of V.O. in Seagram’s V.O., the whisky itself has a long and some would say.. uh… what’s a nice word for “it happened”…. whatever…. history in Canada. It’s Canadian made. Started back… Continue reading Seagram’s V.O.