Bruichladdich Black Art 2 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #10]

Back at The Feather’s Pub[1] again, drinking away a little stress. Not in that alcoholic way. More so in that “Taking an hour to pick apart a dram so I don’t have to think about my exam in a week” way. That doesn’t involve getting drunk. It’s a complicated life. My wife has bought a new camera. Thus it’s the perfect time for me to… Continue reading Bruichladdich Black Art 2 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #10]

Old Fettercairn 10 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #10]

There’s times in your life where you need to go do something to take some pressure off. Hypothetically, let’s say you’ve recently started a new job,are finishing a very detail oriented class, having a major milestone birthday for a parental unit that you’re close to, tying to find a gift for a friend and a relative, and have two desserts to bake, some jam to… Continue reading Old Fettercairn 10 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #10]

Talisker 18

This is the first in a three part series I’m calling “Talisker: Barely Know her!” Yes, that should alienate some of my fans nicely. So, up first we have Talisker 18. Winner of the 2007 World Whisky award for Best Whisky in the World, I’ve always wondered about this Diageo sponsored whisky. It’s suppose to be “well received just about everyone”. Well that’s a tall… Continue reading Talisker 18