Balblair 2005 / Old Pulteney Navigator / 25 year old / 1983 Single Cask

I’d like to thank Old Pulteney/Balblair/AnCnoc and Woodman Wine and Spirits for inviting me to a special tasting with the Old Pulteney distillery manager Malcolm Waring and the global brand ambassador Gordon Stevenson, for running the tasting. While I was invited by them, the following notes are my own, with my own scores. To try and tell some of the stories in the same way… Continue reading Balblair 2005 / Old Pulteney Navigator / 25 year old / 1983 Single Cask

Amrut Spectrum 004

Amrut Spectrum 004, 50% ABV, acquired in trade. Nose: Bold sherry and oak dominate. Sherry notes accompanied with stewed plums, raisins, and marzipan. Oak notes accompanied with sawdust, must, and moth balls. Taste: Lots of boiled fruit, plums, dates, raspberries and strawberries. Then you get the oak and wood notes, then some almonds and walnuts. Finish:  Long, very viscous. Jam-like fruit and oak linger. Thoughts: Very … Continue reading Amrut Spectrum 004

anCnoc 1975

Going to do an everyday malt today. Oh, wait, I’ve reviewed all of those, and thus have trouble connecting with your average Scotch drinker and therefore dig myself deeper and deeper. Fuck that, I’m balla. So today we’re doing a special malt. In the year of 2014, we were all happier. Well, some of us were. Actually, given how the economy was going… Alright, we… Continue reading anCnoc 1975

Longrow 14 Fresh Sherry Springbank Society

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this dram. The Springbank Society is an ancient order who dedicates themselves to the great old ones who happen to enjoy whisky and eventually will douse the world in madness. That’s a lie based on a mixture of truth and a psychological horror genre that has grown in the last few years. You will not go insane by drinking this. Well, unless… Continue reading Longrow 14 Fresh Sherry Springbank Society