TWS Custom Bottlings

The Toronto Whisky Society has curated some amazing custom bottlings over the years. Here are some pics and descriptions of them!

Our inaugural bottling in 2017, This Tobermory 21 yr single cask is aged in ex-bourbon and very lightly peated. Bottled in partnership with Heads & Tails and The Whisky Agency. A gorgeous dram for our first barrel pick!

This Orkney (Highland Park) 17yr single cask was a delicious dram with some peat, beautiful minerality and tropical fruits. We didn’t get to pick the label for this one, so it stands out less than our previous and subsequent Whisky Agency bottlings, but was a fantastic addition to the line-up nonetheless!

In 2018 we added a 2nd bottle at a lower price point, choosing from a number of Old Malt Cask bottlings. We landed on this Glenburgie 18 single cask which was full of tropical fruit, apples and great spice notes – a lighter offering than our others which had all featured some peat.

Our 2019 bottling was part of a series of XO Blends from the Whisky Agency, and this one featured a decent level of peat. these blends consist of old casks (rumoured to include Macallan, Glenrothes, Tamdhu, Highland Park and others) from the 60s/70s/80s which had gone under 40% and couldn’t be bottled as scotch as-is. The Whisky Agency purchased these, blended them with some fairly inert-barrel Glenfarclas (~15yrs) to bring them back over 40% and bottled as a blended malt. A beautiful dram. The label image was taken by the partner of a TWS exec and stylized for this bottling.

Our first “Secret Islay” bottling in 2020 was our first from the island and is a cracker of a barrel! Believed by most of our members to be Bunnahabhain, it was aged 11 years in a hogshead and absolutely shines. A prominent banana note led to our label choice, where we replaced one of the t-rex’s teeth with a banana!

After a bottling-hiatus in 2021 (we bought a cask maturing on Vancouver Island instead) 2022 brought us “Secret Islay” #2! We hesitated to jump back to the same theme as our previous bottling, but it’s not everyday you can buy a port-matured Islay single cask. This belter of a dram was aged 10 years in a port barrique and the fruit and peat meld together beautifully! The label was designed by an AI using the prompt “whisky island sunset” and the distillery source is hotly debated by TWS members, with Lagavulin and Caol ila being the top candidates!

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