Longrow 12 1996 Oloroso Single Cask

Thanks to /u/devoz for the sample. So Springbank owns Springbank, Longrow, and Hazelburn. In addition, the whole thing is owned by Cadenheads. To add confusion, they helped supply the capital for Glengyle, one of three Campbeltown distilleries, however have nothing to do with Glen Scotia, the other one. Following along? Okay. So Cadenheads sells to everyone and independently bottles from other distilleries around the world. Then Springbank… Continue reading Longrow 12 1996 Oloroso Single Cask

Bowmore – Devil’s Casks 3

Bowmore – The Devil’s Casks Limited Release 3, 56.7% ABV, Acquired in Trade Marriage of first fill Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. Nose: Signature Bowmore peat, dank/musty/woody, rich sherry, raisins, black cherries, candied strawberries. Taste: Subtle peat, oak spice, chocolate orange, Licorice Allsorts, red plums, cinnamon and molasses. Finish:  Long and drying. Peat, chocolate, and oak spice linger. Thoughts: Its bold for sure, but … Continue reading Bowmore – Devil’s Casks 3

Lunch & Tasting with Malcolm Waring of Pulteney Distillery & Woodman Spirits

Back in November, the Toronto Whisky Society was invited to an event with International Beverage Holdings and Woodman Spirits, held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute, and TOModera and I were the privileged pair who got to attend. In case you don’t know (and didn’t follow those links), International Beverage Holdings is a company that owns many alcoholic beverage brands and manufacturers, including 5 distilleries … Continue reading Lunch & Tasting with Malcolm Waring of Pulteney Distillery & Woodman Spirits

Bruichladdich Islay Barley Series

Thanks to /u/cdig81 for swapping me these. The Bruichladdich Islay Barley Series asks the question: Is there terroir when it comes to whisky? The answer, we all know, is no. Good night everybody! Okay, okay, enough joking. We can’t just say that the location of the farm and the specifics of the barley grown doesn’t do anything. We need to test it. We need to do double blind testing… Continue reading Bruichladdich Islay Barley Series