Bushmills Original

Bushmills Original 2.jpg

If you’re anything like me, you view whiskey reviewing as an all encompassing hobby that strives to drive you to drink every type of whiskey available and feel downtrodden when you haven’t officially reviewed a base spirit for fear that some Internet strangers (and some friends) will judge you.

Just me? Gotcha. Good. I’m a fucking snowflake of un-imagined proportions (most of them wide).

Bushmills Original almost doesn’t need an introduction, however if I did that this time it would throw you (HA!) and me (MORE LIKELY) off.

We’ve all had this once, or multiple times on a St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a blend, pure and simple. The grain whiskey is aged 5 years in American Oak before being blended with the malt whiskies, and all of them are Triple Distilled, as is the Irish Tradition.

Don’t believe me? Try Irish cuisine. If you don’t think Irish stew has been…

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