Toki Suntory Whisky

Thank you to /u/distillasian for pouring me this sample. So one day I started ranting to my whisky friends about?Toki Suntory Whisky. Why? Because we’re a bunch of snobs who have had cask strength, age stated, now long gone/way too expensive Japanese whisky. And during this Japanese whisky boom, where everyone and their mother will tell you that “Scotch is dead” and “It’s the best”, the whisky… Continue reading Toki Suntory Whisky

J.P. Wiser’s NHL Alumni Series

We’re going to be honest here… when we first saw the J.P. Wiser’s Alumni Series get released, we assumed it was simply a marketing gimmick that would in all likelihood take existing whiskies and re-brand then with famous players’ names to up-sell the hockey fan market. We even told the folks at Corby this and that we didn’t feel these would appeal to the whisky … Continue reading J.P. Wiser’s NHL Alumni Series

2019 TWS Whisky Awards: Canadian Blended Whisky

This year, Toronto Whisky Society received 12 Canadian blended whiskies from 8 different distilleries ranging from large to small and from east to west. We tasted all of them blind in the randomized order below, and our rankings were anonymous. In the end, our #1 ranked whisky was unanimous. You’ll have to read through to the bottom to find out what it was! The Lineup: … Continue reading 2019 TWS Whisky Awards: Canadian Blended Whisky

Three XO Blends (Toronto Whisky Society, Maltbarn, Kensington Wine Market)

I’ve told this story many times, but we’re getting to the end of this particular blip of whiskies, so one more time: Many years ago someone was at a warehouse, trying whisky. They noticed some old barrels, tasted them, realized they were old Macallan, Glenrothes, Mortlach, and Tamdhu, all of which were no longer wanted because they were underproof. By vatting them together with some… Continue reading Three XO Blends (Toronto Whisky Society, Maltbarn, Kensington Wine Market)

Islay Mist 17

Thanks to? sharing a dram of this with me. There’s always a question of what to drink on a regular basis. Now I’m not saying drink excessively. If you need a whisky reviewer to tell you that, then… holy damn, get some help. Call someone you love. Even if you think they won’t answer. But if you’re drinking a healthy amount, and want something to… Continue reading Islay Mist 17

Writer’s Tears Cask Strength 2018

More Irish! Thank you to friends of mine who were at a tasting and obtained this sample for me. While this was given to me for free by the company, please be rest assured I’ve been blown by attractive hookers of many different genders and orientations in order to ensure that I give a fair and considerate review without bias. At this point I’m basically… Continue reading Writer’s Tears Cask Strength 2018