[Review] Amrut Spectrum 004 (2021 Release)

This is the most recent batch of Amrut Spectrum, bottled in 2021. I’m extremely excited to try this whisky – Amrut is one of my favourite distilleries (without any “not located in Scotland” qualifier!), and the original Spectrum from 2015 remains one of my top whiskies of all time. Confusingly, both that release and this new one are numbered “004”, as are a number of … Continue reading [Review] Amrut Spectrum 004 (2021 Release)

Black Fox Distillery – Saskatoon

Visiting Black Fox Distillery was a real treat, as we had tried their spirits in the 2018 Canadian whisky awards where they won in the under-aged spirit category! Compared to the industrial/roaring 20s feel of Lucky Bastard, Black Fox was quite the change – this is a huge, legit farm! Gorgeous grounds, stone building, rolling hills, farm activities for kids. It had it all! John … Continue reading Black Fox Distillery – Saskatoon

Park Whisky Society X Toronto Whisky Society tasting

There are so many whisky clubs out there these days, and they take many different forms. Some have long histories and many chapters across the country who enjoy formal tastings with dinners. Others, like us, were millennial-founded and approach whisky from a very nerdy, inquisitive place, and that passion for trying new bottles leads to the pursuit of unique brands and bottlings. The Park Whiskey … Continue reading Park Whisky Society X Toronto Whisky Society tasting

Battle of India Tasting: Amrut vs Paul John

In September 2021 we had a very fun event we called the ‘Battle of India’ where we pitted the two big single malt producers from India against one another: Amrut and Paul John. We had 3 pairs of spirits that were similar in nature to one another from each distillery, and one mystery dram at the end. Each pair was tasted blind and members guessed … Continue reading Battle of India Tasting: Amrut vs Paul John

Paul John 6 Cadenhead Small Batch

Thanks to /u/xile_ for pouring me a sample of this one. Hey, it’s time to review an Indian whisky. Which since I’m drinking it and reviewing it, which means it’s from… Paul John? Alright, so right now there’s two brands of Indian whisky that pop up. I typically drink the other one, Amrut, because I really like them and because so does /u/devoz and he’s a wonderful person who… Continue reading Paul John 6 Cadenhead Small Batch

Amrut Single Cask ex-Jaggery Rum Cask

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me a sample of this. It’s weird being a reviewer. You end up going with what you can get, as I’m not charismatic enough to sell out my morals and make this something where I can get free things from what I like. Enter?Amrut Single Cask ex-Jaggery Rum Cask, a single cask that only came into Kensington Wine Market. I’ve reviewed a… Continue reading Amrut Single Cask ex-Jaggery Rum Cask

Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Cask KavaFAN pick

Thanks to?/u/Throzen[+69]?for pouring me this dram Upon joining the KavaFAN group, you’re given the opportunity to purchase?Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Cask KavaFAN pick. Simple idea: This is a single cask, chosen by the group, from an ex-bourbon cask. Someone, presumably, went to Taiwan and tested out different casks and tried it. I’ve spoken before on this, but it bears repeating: Finding out who is picking your… Continue reading Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Cask KavaFAN pick