Compass Box Hedonism

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Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for the sample.

In my house I’m the cook and baker. And the guy who does the dishes too, but that’s an argument for me and my wife, and not anyone else.

But back to the main point: The reason I cook and bake more often is because for me, a mixture of ingredients is bigger than the raw ingredients. I enjoy cookies: Who doesn’t? I guess diabetics, but stay with me.

Cookies are made up of flour, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and butter. Now doesn’t get me wrong: All of those things are great by themselves (except the flour). But mix them together and you can explain my ever expanding waist.

So when I speak of blends in whisky, I’m always conflicted. I enjoy Single Malts more than Blends. I know, such a controversial statement. But I look to cooking and baking to make something better, so…

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