Compass Box Spice Tree Extravaganza

Thanks to /u/WDMC-905 for bringing this to the Toronto Whisky Society general meeting for the year. For those of us who aren’t musical nerds (which I say lovingly), an Extravaganza is a piece of music or literary work characterized by freedom of style and structure. You see originally Spice Tree was an illegal whisky. By using a non traditional cask, the SWA felt that they were cheating… Continue reading Compass Box Spice Tree Extravaganza

Compass Box Circus

Thanks to /u/scotchchick for the sample. Distillers usually get all the glory. We pick out single casks, store picks, and everything else and note the interesting mashbills, cask choices, and water sources. They deserve this praise because seriously it’s an art. However, when it comes to vattings and blends of whiskies, master blenders are sometimes mixed. We don’t always have them in mind when a good whisky… Continue reading Compass Box Circus

Compass Box Nectar 10th Anniversary

Thanks to /u/nsquare14 for sending me some samples. Really appreciate these, as he sent me some I’ve never reviewed as a thank you for the reviews. So Compass Box has recently taken the entire idea of single cask and turned it on its head. From what I’ve seen, they’ve offered various alcohol stores and independent bottlers to make blends with them. One of these is the Nectar,… Continue reading Compass Box Nectar 10th Anniversary

Compass Box 25th Anniversary Kensington Wine Market

I’ve written before about Kensington Wine Market, a store in Alberta that has quite a whisky selection and is one of the places that I hit up when I’m out west. I’ve also written quite a bit about Compass Box. Lately I’ve seen a sad drop in quality from their offerings, however I still like what they are doing, what they are pushing for. As… Continue reading Compass Box 25th Anniversary Kensington Wine Market