Compass Box – The Peat Monster

Compass Box – The Peat Monster, 46% ABV, $65 CAD

  • Nose: Soft and mild peat, sea air, sweet cigar tobacco, lemon peel, oyster shells, mild pepper, and lemon zest.
  • Taste: Peat, bryne, floral, salt, peaches and cream desert, creme brulee, lemon zest, cigar tobacco, wood ash.
  • Finish: Med-long, very well balanced, creamy, great viscosity and mouth-feel.
  • Peat Monster is made from the following: (Compass Box website)
    • 40% is 10 year old refill hogshead from Laphroaig
    • 26% is 9 year old refill hogshead from Ardmore
    • 20% is 8 year old refill hogshead from Ledaig
    • 13% is 9 year old refill hogshead from Caol Ila
    • 1% is a 9 year old blend made with Clynelish, Teaninich, and Dailuaine with a secondary maturation in a new french oak hybrid barrel.
  • Thoughts: If you are looking for the peatiest scotch you’ve ever had, you will be disappointed. It’s not a “Peat Monster” in how I would describe the word, but it does offer a very interesting complexity; it’s well rounded, and can challenge your palate. In my opinion this whisky was designed for someone who is familiar with distilleries like Laphroaig, Caol Ila, Ardmore, and Ledaig, and wants to try something that offers a different and interesting approach. Something a whisky nerd would appreciate. I think this delivers very well with that in mind, and is quite enjoyable.
  • Score: 84.5 + 1 value point(s) = 85.5/100


After my initial score I will add or subtract points relative on how I perceive value (based on what I paid for the bottle). A zero value means I think the price is justified.

0-69.5 – Don’t bother trying, life is too short for bad spirit.
70-79.5 – Worth trying, but you’re not missing out if you don’t.
80-84.5 – I recommend trying.
85-87.5 – Definitely try this!
88-92.5 – I recommend buying a bottle blind!
93-95.5 – Stuff you reserve for special pours!
96+ – The meaning of life.

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