Stagg Jr. Batch #3

Stagg Jr. Batch #3 1

So I’ve been sick the last while, extremely busy, and annoyed that I haven’t had 1 second to review something, write something, or even have some whiskey.

It’s really dragging me down. At this rate, I’ll have to give up video games for whiskey.

Don’t feel too bad though: One of those things was running a Whiskey tasting, which I didn’t take notes at (save for the first dram).

None the less, I have samples and samples piling up. And I can’t remember who sent me this one. I’m quite happy they did. My father and I split this one. He enjoys Buffalo Trace whiskey as long as they aren’t wheaters, at which point he makes a scrunched up face.

It’s pretty funny.

Up front bias alert: I really did enjoy Stagg Jr when I first had it. And it was Batch #1 (which I bought a bottle of for…

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