1792 Ridgemont Reserve Single Barrel

Thanks to my father for opening up this one and letting me have a sample. I mean… I bought it for him, so I couldn’t exactly do that. Be kinda a dick move. 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Single Barrel is a bit different for a single cask. While yes, there are various stores that have obtained their own single casks with their name on them of this… Continue reading 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Single Barrel

Auchentoshan 21 [MYSTERY]

Thank you to /u/scotchable for this mystery sample Mysteries: I’m bad at them, and can’t guess a damn. However I always do them when I receive them, otherwise we’re all going to forget it and waste whisky. No one wants that. Also, spoiler: Got this one wrong, even though I’ve had it before. Been a few years. So feel free to compare back to my previous review… Continue reading Auchentoshan 21 [MYSTERY]

Glenfiddich IPA Experiment & Project XX – Group Review

Recently Beth Havers, the Canadian Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich, gave Toronto Whisky Society members a chance to try two new Glenfiddich releases (Glenfiddich IPA Experiment & Project XX).  Huge thank you to Beth for giving us a chance to try these two whiskies which were recently released at the LCBO. Below are the aggregated thoughts, notes and review scores, along with the individual scores and … Continue reading Glenfiddich IPA Experiment & Project XX – Group Review

Glenburgie SMWS 71.42 “Sinbad preparing for a journey”

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing a dram of this one. I’ve been told I need to check out this distillery, Glenburgie more. So since I’ve caught up on some other drams, why not it? Stopped by devoz’s place to have a couple drams and hang out, and he ended up saying I needed to try this dram. Like, I NEEDED to. So I agreed to it. Twist… Continue reading Glenburgie SMWS 71.42 “Sinbad preparing for a journey”

Caol Ila 6 2009 Old Malt Cask [Mystery]

Thanks to /u/Ethanized for sending me these mystery samples Mysterious Woods is the first mystery sample (from Ethanized) where I actually start to think about the name and how it relates to the whisky. Was this made using some mysterious casks? Was it some Frankenstein’s monster cask like Amrut Spectrum? Am I reading too much into this and Ethanized just came back from communing with nature? Probably the… Continue reading Caol Ila 6 2009 Old Malt Cask [Mystery]