[Review] Talisker Surge

This is Talisker’s latest duty-free exclusive bottlings. It has a snazzy purple label, but it surpass the high bar set by Talisker 10?

  • 45.8%
  • No age statement
  • Finished in first-fill ex-bourbon casks
  • MSRP of $115 USD ($155 CAD)

Nose: Strong, with some volatile character. Peppery peat – applewood-smoked BBQ, with that vinegary Carolina-style hot sauce. Green apples, lemon, and interestingly some strawberry. Slightly greenish-grassy.

Palate: Light texture. Arrives with green apple, gooseberry, strawberry, and torched grass. Peppery and slightly acrid peat smoke on the development, and fire-roasted red peppers.

Finish: Fairly short. More peat smoke and black pepper, with a bit of a grilled-seafood note here. Mild fruit notes of green apple, white cherries, and lime.

Thoughts: It’s certainly a Talisker – all the classic character is there. The problem is that this seems to be just an inferior version of the 10. The 10 has a better mouthfeel, more complexity, and a longer finish. If this were cheaper, I’d say that it was a good way to save some money while still accessing a real Talisker profile… but given the MSRP on this, that doesn’t work. This seems like one of those duty-free bottlings aimed at those who jump at a new label from a brand they might already like and don’t think twice.

Final score: 77/100

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