Amrut Rye Review

Amrut Rye Review

  • 50%
  • NAS
  • New American Oak Barrels
  • 100% Malted Rye

Little back story and disclaimer. I am a huge Amrut fan, and ended up posting a picture of my Amrut collection on Twitter. The importer for Amrut reached out to me and asked if I would like a chance to get my hands on two Amrut bottes (Amrut Rye and Amrut Double Cask) before they were released. I jumped at the chance. He actually dropped them off in person. Utterly amazing, I already loved Amrut before this because of their whisky, this just adds to it.

Thanks Raj and Amrut for making this possible, this bottle is not coming to Canada for months.

Nose: Cinnamon, raspberries, baking spices,vanilla, port,pineapple, tropical fruit

Palate: Weird, unlike any other rye I have had. Cinnamon, smoke, pineapple, ginger, bread, vanilla. Oak. This reminds me of a single malt scotch, at times more than a rye. Delightful. Mouth feel a little light.

Finish: Blind I would swear this has sherry in it. Fruity, tons of fruit, baked bread, tropical and ripe red fruits. Cinnamon, rye spice. The finish transitions from fruity to rye heavy, and drying.

Score: 88

This is a really unique whisky to drink and score. While it may be a rye, it tastes like no other rye I have had. Fruity, flavors you would have expected to find in a single malt scotch. Bread, worlds of pineapple.

This kind of experimentation and innovation is why I love Amrut. A great whisky that defies expectations, and is wonderful to drink. If you are expected a traditional rye, look elsewhere.

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