Amrut Triple Review: Rye, Double Cask and Virgin Oak Single Cask

I was dropping off a few mystery drams for devoz to add to a shipment for j4ni back in December so my wife and I came by to hang out for a drink or two. He had recently acquired a couple new Amruts and was gracious enough to share them with me, so I took a couple of notes. sparse notes because we were socializing more than drinking!

Amrut Rye – 50%amrutrye

  • Appearance: Ridiculously dark.
  • Nose: Fruity rye, sherry?
  • Palate: Tastes like a highland sherried malt. Musty. Sharp spice.
  • Finish: Finish is Spicy and medium.
  • Score: 83

this was just a very strange dram. It doesn’t really taste like a rye at all and I have a lot of trouble coming up with ways to describe it. it gets points for uniqueness, but loses some on overall enjoyment. I dunno, maybe it was just too out there for me. very cool and interesting whisky though.

the next one I tried was the double cask.

Amrut Double Cask – 46%amrutdc

  • Appearance: similarly dark
  • Nose: Red Licorice, malt
  • Palate: Crazy dry sherry, slight spice. Oak. So weird. Dark dried fruit.
  • Finish: Long dry yet sweet.
  • Score: 86

I like that dry sherry flavour. Also just a weird dram though. Man they’re putting out some interesting stuff.

next is a mystery pour devoz did for me when he was bringing over the Christmas drams from j4ni! I had no idea what this was at the time of pouring and didn’t know if it was scotch vs WW.

Mystery Dram (though not much of a mystery for you)amrutvir

  • Appearance: crazy dark… like a ridiculously old scotch or aged in a weird barrel. Deep amber red.
  • Nose: very sweet, wine cask of some sort I think. Just a ton of oak. Plums, berries, cask strength.
  • Palate: tons of dark red fruit, molasses, caramel, berries, pretty dry… I’m leaning oloroso. Bit of a tobacco note, so possibly port cask? Ridiculous amount of cask influence… the spirit doesn’t really shine through, but it’s divine. Guessing around 55-60% ABV.
  • Finish: long, sweet, oaky.
  • Score: 90

ridiculous cask influence… gonna guess north of 12 years. Possibly a glendronach single Oloroso cask?

REVEAL: Amrut 6yr Virgin oak single cask, 60% ABV. Wow, that virgin cask just destroys the Amrut spirit profile. Would never have guessed…. And I have no idea how much fruit gets in there. that’s ridiculous. and the age? just crazy. i’m blown away. great tasting dram, I’m just utterly confused how it came to be!


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