Two-dram Tuesday: Kilchoman Coull Point & Kilchoman 5 Single Cask Bourbon

Ok , now I’m really stretching for those alliterations.

Today I’m going to cover 2 Kilchoman drams. The first I got as a prize in our Toronto Whisky Society high proof bourbon tasting for getting I think 1 right or something? We weren’t very good at guessing.

Kilchoman Coull Point – 46%

  • Appearance: gloriously uncoloured with thick, sexy legs
  • Nose: some light peat up front, brine, very earthy, some spiciness, a bit of ash
  • Palate: quite a bit ashier than the nose, earthy peat, some light fruit sweetness, malty. Body is thinner than I expected.
  • Finish: long, smoky, earthy.
  • Score: 84

a very nice peated dram but lacking a bit of depth. Glad I finally cracked it open!

the second I got from tomodera in a recent swap. Discovered afterwards that I’ve reviewed it before while at devoz’s house at a past Toronto Whisky Society social event, but that was quite a few drams in, my notes were sparse, and I remember enjoying it quite a bit, so I figure a proper re-review is in order!

Kilchoman 5 Single Cask Bourbon – 60.4%

  • Appearance: pale, uncoloured, nice legs
  • Nose: nice hit of peat and smoke up front, then a bunch of fruit – peaches, apples, plums – and some smoked meat notes too. A bit of brine and a medicinal hint too. Chocolate covered cherries
  • Palate: tons of smoke, ash and earth peat, coupled with light fruity sweetness and tons of maltiness. Lots of oak in here too. montreal smoked meat. Great creamy body on it. lemon peel, brine, tons of spice. Quite hot, but not more than expected at 60+%. With a drop of water it gets much more malty, sweet and the heat is completely gone. more smoked meat too. delicious.
  • Finish: long, warm, spicy, with some smoke and earth.
  • Score: 89

delicious. Great depth and breadth of flavour and a very nice nose too. Comparing it to my previous review, I got a lot more out of it this time and it actually does 2 points better, so I guess the lesson is drink the good stuff first so you can actually taste it?

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