Heartwood Calm Before the Storm Review

Heartwood Calm Before the Storm Review



* 66.4% ABV

* 7 years old

* First-fill ex-Oloroso sherry cask



Well this should be fun, my first Heartwood review. Massive thank you to TOModera for letting me try this.


Nose: Not the most complex, tons of sherry and spice. Raisin, clove, pepper, brown sugar. Oak and leather, some alcohol as well.


Palate: Raspberry, mouth numbing, chocolate, malt, honey, butter, brown sugar, spice, pepper.


Finish: Tail end of the finish the heat and youth shine through. Drying and hot. Ginger, clove, oak, pepper. Underneath the spice is ripe fruit, malt and citrus. Medium to long.


Score: 90



The youth shows through at times, but it is counterbalanced by massive fruit and spice. The mouth feel on this really is something to behold. Lingering would be putting it mildly. This is not the most complex whisky, but my goodness, it is bold, tasty and delightful.


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