Dalmore 18

I keep coming back to Dalmore. Most people would ask why. Heck, lots of people asked why I bought a sample of Dalmore 18 when I had my last chance at ordering Master of Malt into the US. Simply put, I truly believe all distilleries have at least one offering for me to enjoy. I’ve found them at others, and in this case, I thought I had… Continue reading Dalmore 18

Dalmore 25 1990 Cadenhead’s Single Cask

Contrary to what my typical reviews are, my whisky budget isn’t the equivalent of some small nations that are still reeling from much larger nations historically screwing them over. That’s the academic term. So when asked if I wanted to split Dalmore 25 1990 Cadenhead Single Cask, I can’t tell you why I agreed to it. Let me be clear: I have nothing against Dalmore as… Continue reading Dalmore 25 1990 Cadenhead’s Single Cask

Dalmore SMWS 13.47 “It’s a knockout”

Thanks to /u/twiddleDD for this sample. This is yet another continuation of my ongoing series that I’m calling “Scotch Malts, Wife’s Selection”, in which my wife goes through my backlog of SMWS (Scotch Malt Whisky Society) samples that I haven’t reviewed yet, pours them blind, and then I review it blind. Dalmore leaves me with a question as what to write. It’s a distillery in which they… Continue reading Dalmore SMWS 13.47 “It’s a knockout”

Bryan’s Scotland Trip Part 5 – Duty Free

At the Edinburgh duty free for an evening flight. The whisky reps are out in full force pouring samples. took some very sparse, quick notes, didn’t comment on appearance for most because they all look like e150. I’d seen the Talisker Skye in bottle shops and was curious so I started with it, expecting a standard Talisker dram Talisker Skye – 45.8% ABV Nose: Salty. … Continue reading Bryan’s Scotland Trip Part 5 – Duty Free

Dalmore Distillery 1992 Authentic Collection 22

So I’m back in London. Not right now, in the past. At Cadenhead’s. Again, in the past. I’m in Canada now. Anyway, I’m there, looking over these minis that I want to try, and I notice a Dalmore. And it doesn’t have that normal Dalmore red hue. So I’m intrigued. And then the shopkeep informs me that it is, in fact, a Dalmore that has… Continue reading Dalmore Distillery 1992 Authentic Collection 22

Dalmore 15

As I mentioned in my past review of Dalmore 12, I’ve run low on really rare malts to try at our favourite pub in Leicester, The Parcel Yard. Thus I’m forced to try out some malts that I can’t get back home that I typically move away from. Dalmore’s are not cheap. That’s a given we all know about. Ignoring the constellation series completely and… Continue reading Dalmore 15

Dalmore 12

We’re all starting to hit that point in the trip where it turns out that our otherwise healthy habits of not running and eating food with butter in it aren’t helping us walk 4 hours a day and drink every day. Go figure, eh? Unfortunately, the bar I’ve been enjoying, the Parcel Yard in Leicester, has run out of independent bottlings for me to try.… Continue reading Dalmore 12

Dalmore 10 Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #2]

So at this point I’m on dram number 2 of my birthday dinner drams, and realizing that I’m 30 years old and inebriated in front of my parents. Let’s continue tasting regions, shall we? I’m not as informed on Highland malts as I’d like to be, and I have never had a chance to try Dalmore yet, so I thought I’d try with one of… Continue reading Dalmore 10 Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #2]