Bryan’s Scotland Trip Part 5 – Duty Free

At the Edinburgh duty free for an evening flight. The whisky reps are out in full force pouring samples. took some very sparse, quick notes, didn’t comment on appearance for most because they all look like e150. I’d seen the Talisker Skye in bottle shops and was curious so I started with it, expecting a standard Talisker dram Talisker Skye – 45.8% ABV Nose: Salty. … Continue reading Bryan’s Scotland Trip Part 5 – Duty Free

Dalwhinnie 15 [Re-Review][Mystery Review]

Hi all! It’s mystery scotch time! So I know this is a Scotch. That’s for certain. I know that it came from /u/LecheConCarnie. I know it came from a bottle that has been opened for 9 years. So that means… I’m not going to guess this easily. Alright, so maybe I should go through my thought process on guessing this one. Price: $92.95 (CAD) at the… Continue reading Dalwhinnie 15 [Re-Review][Mystery Review]

Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition 1991

Hey, people like Diageo, right? No? Oh. Well, then nothing to see here, let’s move it along…. Anyway, I know I always wonder about the Distiller’s Editions. They are odd ducks in the whisky world. First off, you’d think from looking at them they are NAS. But they kinda aren’t. I mean, yeah, it doesn’t say Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition 17, however it does say when it… Continue reading Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition 1991

Bryan’s First Scotch tasting party

It’s been a bit more than a year since I started getting into Scotch, my first real foray being a scotch tasting for Robbie Burns 2013. Since then, I’ve bought about 17 bottles, reviewed 14 scotches, 10 world whiskies, and am officially a lifelong fan. I’ve got a few friends from various circles who are also into the nectar of the gods and so I … Continue reading Bryan’s First Scotch tasting party