Review: Amrut Intermediate Sherry & Amrut Spectrum

Amrut Intermediate Sherry

Appearance: 1.5, Auburn

Nose: Typical Amrut grainy creaminess up front, lemon custard with a touch of zest, some red stone fruits. The sherry is certainly present, but is not dominating the nose.

Taste: Great mouth feel, creamy and thick, the Amrut distillery character is at the forefront, lovely grainy creaminess, some tart red fruit, cranberries, some raspberry, touch of lime, some white pepper and anise. For a sherried whisky, this is more about the core Amrut profile; the sherry is just an accent.

Finish: Quite malty, the sherry is barely present, I get some menthol and mint, vanilla, some toasted oak. Medium length.

Notes: I absolutely love the Amrut distillery profile. They have such a unique base character to their spirit; creamy and wonderfully malty. I was hoping this one would be a bit heavier on the sherry, but as it is, the sherry takes a back seat to a fairly standard Amrut whisky. Having had an Amrut bourbon single cask before, this one reminds me a lot of that, but with a hint of sherry added into the mix.

Score: 84/100

Amrut Spectrum

Appearance: 1.8, Old Oak

Nose: Dates, raisins, some licorice, cherry cough syrup, toasted almonds. There is a definite weight to the nose, and it is rich, but it’s difficult to pull out individual flavour notes.

Taste: Wonderfully fruity and rich, plums, red grapes, licorice, vanilla, cola cubes, almost slightly rum-like, some herbal notes (almost slightly medicinal).

Finish: Spicy oak, lots of lingering fruit, medicinal/herbal, with a slight menthol note in the background. Medium length.

Notes: This whisky has a wonderful weight to it. This is the level of wine influence I was hoping the sherry would have. Not surprisingly given it’s production method, this whisky is a blending of notes, to the point that it becomes difficult to separate out individual ones, especially on the nose. A cornucopia of fruit, with lots of great herbal and oaky undertones. Bravo for this one Amrut.

Score: 88/100

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