Review: Smokehead single malt

saw this at the LCBO on sale back in 2013 after only having bought blends. This was early in my scotch journey and only my second review.

Smokehead Islay Single Malt: 43% ABV

  • Colour: quite light, doesn’t seem to be much color added to it, yellow straw
  • Nose: smoke and alcohol are predominant, peaty, some vanilla
  • Taste: smoke, brine, peat are up front. wet, freshly cut grass. the alcohol isn’t as apparent on the palate as in the nose. not overly complex, probably due to its young age.
  • Finish: rather short, but warm in the throat. taste devolves into almost a petrol flavour over time… diesel fuel almost, very strange.
  • Rating: 70/100

the fuel finish plus the wet grass on the palate reminds me of cutting my parents’ lawn as a kid…very interesting. but overall the taste was rather disappointing. I’ve learned my lesson not to buy something just because it’s cheap. better to spend twice as much on a decent bottle. oh well… it was my first single malt purchase, fortunately I have Ardbeg and Laphroig on the shelf right now too 🙂

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