Review: Ardbeg 10

First the story of how I got this bottle, then the review: Fellow Redditor Woodvillan from my hometown of Hamilton posted in r/hamilton that he had bought a 1L bottle or Ardbeg at the duty free in Miami, but after trying a dram, didn’t really enjoy it and was willing to sell it for $60. I came across the post minutes after he posted it and quickly sent a message saying I’d take it! equivalent volume of Ardbeg10 at the LCBO is ~$130… so that’s a steal.  now to the review.

Ardbeg 10 yrs: 46% ABV, non chill-filtered

  • Appearance: extremely pale, like light apple juice. even lighter with 1.5 tsp of water.
  • Nose (neat): smoke is immediately apparent, saline, iodine, earthy peat
  • Nose (water): much less smoke, and a sweet aroma of citrus comes out. salt diminished but still there. other fruit like apples possibly
  • Mouthfeel: oily and thick, coats the tongue and throat. great burning on the tongue and top of mouth. less burn with water but still quite oily.
  • Taste (neat): iodine taste is strong, campfire smoke, some dried fruit apparent over time, peat flavour throughout, autumn leaves. lots of other flavours are in there that I just can’t place. will have to save and revisit this bottle some time after I’m more attuned to flavours!
  • Taste (water): smoke and peat are diminished, but the iodine flavour is still quite strong. vanilla hints more apparent, along with some toffee. citrus flavour comes through over time. decay flavour becomes more pronounced from the peat.
  • Finish (neat): warm smoldering on the tongue and lips, smoke lingers in the nose and mouth for a long time. peat just doesn’t go away.
  • Finish (water): doesn’t last as long, but still a warm burning in the throat. some woody tastes linger. smoke dissipates more quickly.

Rating: 91/100

this was my first review posted online back in 2013, and the 10 is still a favourite. I’ve got Uig and Corryvrecken at home now but really should pick up another bottle of this for old time’s sake.

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