Tullibardine Port Finish

Picked off the menu of one of my usual spots in downtown Toronto.  Quinn’s is a great place in the financial district with a good food menu and a decent selection of whisky (with decent prices for the location). I knew nothing about this but it piqued my interest!

A quick search on the internet tells me that Tullibardine is one of the few remaining independent distilleries in Scotland, the small Tullibardine operation commenced life as a brewery in the 1400s. Converted to whisky-making in the 1940s, it was later mothballed by former owner Whyte and Mackay. In 2003, it rose again under the new ownership of five businessmen.

Lastly, this was finished for 12 months in ex-Port Pipes.


  • Region: Highlands
  • Abv: 46%
  • Colour: Surprisingly Light – Amber


Nose: Herbal. Stewed Berries. Dusty oak. Hint of barrel char. Sweetened glazed meat that’s been burnt. Bread pudding with rum soaked raisins. Eggnog. Barley sugar.

Taste: Dark red berry jam. Oak. Sunkist raisins. Bit herbal. Eggnog and that bread pudding. Great mouthfeel due to the NCF. With some air I lose the fruity notes and it’s more barley sugar.

Finish: Sunkist raisin juice (which is not a real thing but should be). Oak. Powdered sugar. Finish seems to shorten in length and more of just a vague sweetness over time.

Conclusion: This was great at first but not hugely complex. Coupled with the fact that I had zero expectations, I was very impressed. Unfortunately, as this got more air, the bottom just dropped out from underneath it and it really just tasted like aged barley water. All the lovely fruit notes disappeared, forcing me to lower the score.



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