Best Bourbon/American Rye Under $71 at LCBO


Given the popularity of our post on The Best Scotch $100 Can Buy (LCBO 2017) a number of TWS members discussed the best American bourbons and ryes you can find at the LCBO for a reasonable price. We settled on $61 as the cutoff point to allow Wild Turkey Rare Breed to qualify, as we wanted a barrels proof option included  in our list.

While the bourbon and rye selection at the LCBO has increased over the past couple of years, the number of good values appears to be declining, as more high priced releases hit the shelves. (Elijah Craig Barrel Proof recently listed at $150 for example).

Back to the main topic, here are the Ryes and Bourbons which TWS members thought are the best value at current LCBO prices:

Overall consensus pick:

Four Roses Single Barrel, $47.20 – This bourbon is a great value, especially compared to pricing in the United States. 50% ABV this bourbon has a great balance of oak, cinnamon, pepper, with hints of fruits, citrus and nuts.

Best (and only) barrel proof option:

Wild Turkey Rare Breed, $60.30 –This is the most expensive bourbon included on this list, but other high proof bourbons at the LCBO cost ~$85, which include Booker’s and Stagg Jr. when they are in stock. Big flavours, caramel, butter, vanilla, corn and plenty of heat.

 Other strong value picks:

Knob Creek Single Barrel, $58.25 – This has to be one of the most overlooked, high proof bourbons at the LCBO (60% ABV). Not a subtle whiskey, pepper, nutmeg, oak, and corn dominate.

2023 update: $69.95. this is following the +$10 trend, but still a good pickup. The regular Knob Creek 9 is at the old single barrel price.

Eagle Rare 10 Years Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, $57.20 – The bottle still has an age statement (for now), making it one of the older bourbons frequently available at the LCBO. Certainly an upgrade from the standard Buffalo Trace, this bourbon has some wonderful cherry, nutmeg and oat flavours. Well worth picking up.

2023 update: $59.95 is only a $2.75 increase which makes this one of the best values vs 2017’s list!

Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whisky 100 Bond, $46.95 – Not a high percentage rye mashbill, but still a very good US rye, and one of the few available at the LCBO. Being bottled at 50% ABV adds some kick which is important for a rye to have.

2023 update: $49.95. another amazing value vs 2017, this has only increased $3 and continues to be a must-have rye for sipping and cocktails.

Wild Turkey 101, $37.25 – We were happy to see this finally appear on LCBO shelves recently. The cheapest bottle on the list, at 101 proof is has a nice kick and for the price it is hard to beat.

2023 update: $42.60 only up $5, this is still a fantastic pick up at the LCBO.

Sazerac Rye, $55.95 – Another decent rye option, with some enjoyable notes of rye spice, oak and butter. There is not a significant amount of options for America ryes at a reasonable price at the LCBO, so this is one of the better ones.

2023 update: $51.20. A rare, almost unheard of price increase over the past 6 years! Too bad it’s rarely available.

Weller 12, $46 and Old Weller Antique 107, $35 – both of these are occasionally available from the LCBO, though recent sales have been done via lottery. Great pricing by LCBO standards for wheated bourbons which are in high demand in America.

2023 update: both of these tend to be only available via lottery as the hype around the weller brand has exploded in recent years. The 12 year we haven’t seen in years and the OWA107 list price has almost doubled to $65.

Also check out our post on the best Canadian Whiskies at the LCBO under $65!

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