Rum & Cachaça Tasting – March 2021

Over the past few years, we’ve tried to include one non-whisky event in our annual line-up, to help introduce folks to different spirits, and to keep things interesting! In 2021, the event was Rum & Cachaça.

While we could have done a full rum event, the opportunity to get some cachaça direct from Brazil presented itself via a co-worker who was going back to visit family. These (usually) unaged sugar cane spirits are great in a caipirinha, but everyone agreed were less interesting as a sipper.

Here are the spirits we tasted over zoom (no pics of the actual tasting as I was driving at the time of the event and gave them a taste afterwards!) Not pictured: the regular diplomatico reserva which was in the mix too.

The single cask rum was definitely the highlight and favourite of everyone!

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