Oddballs 2022

In late 2021 we were planning to return to in-person events after nearly 2 full years of virtual events… and then Omicron hit. So for early 2022, we remained virtual, but hopeful for a return to in-person at some point in the year.

We kicked off 2022 with a classic TWS theme – Oddballs. Devon selected a great line-up of unique whiskies for us and led us through them on Zoom.

We started with a 1995 Auchentoshan from First Editions, aged 23yrs in a refill hogshead. It was definitely a good starter dram for the line-up and most agreed it was one of the better Auchentoshan bottles they’d tasted.

Next up was a 15yr Old Pulteney single cask from 2002, which isn’t something you hear very often! While the profile wasn’t necessarily an oddball as far as Pulteneys go, it fit the theme simply because of how rare single cask picks of Pulteney are, particularly in Canada!

Third in the line-up was a Jura 14yr single cask from 2007, bottled by First Editions. Jura is always a bit of an oddball, with its signature funk very polarizing for some. What sets this apart from typical Jura bottlings was the sherry cask influence and cask strength. It blew most OB Jura bottlings out of the water!

We pivoted in a very different direction after this with a Millstone single barrel Rye, matured in virgin American oak and bottled at full proof. This one was made with 100% dutch-grown rye as well, so a true product of the Netherlands.

And last but certainly not least, we closed off with this heavily peated Ardmore single cask from Old Malt Cask. Ardmore does some of the best peated whiskies from outside of Islay, so this one was a no brainer to add to the mix. OMC tends to pick good casks – it’s just regrettable they release them at 100 proof instead of cask strength!

A great line-up to warm us up on a chilly feb afternoon! We won’t be doing the Oddballs theme in 2023, but its replacement will wow our readers!

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