Redbreast 12 Cask Strength

Redbreast 12 Cask Strength, Batch No. B1/16, 57.2% ABV, $110 CAD. Malted and unmalted barley. Triple distilled in copper pot stills. Matured in sherry casks. Non chilled filtered. Nose: Very fresh nose with apples, apricots, creme brulee, fudge, figs, raisins, and chocolate. Taste: Chocolate fudge, malt, barley grain, toasted wood, cantaloupe. Finish: Long. Chocolate, burnt wood, malt and grain notes linger. Thoughts: Everything works well … Continue reading Redbreast 12 Cask Strength

Macallan Cask Strength (My 50th Review)

Macallan Cask Strength, 58.2% ABV, $300 USD Nose: Walnuts, almonds, marzipan, figs, grape jelly, very slight oak, little bit of chocolate-orange, fruit punch flavored Kool Aid powder, Flintstones Vitamins, strawberry and grape bubble gum. Taste: Grape bubble gum, marzipan (big time), cherry syrup, slight oak, strawberry jam, orange marmalade. Finish: Very long, very viscous. Grape bubble gun, slight oak, and chocolate-orange linger. Thoughts: The best … Continue reading Macallan Cask Strength (My 50th Review)

Arran-mageddon: 12 reviews of Arran single casks, LEs and crazy finishes

So I’m at the precipice of hitting both 300 scotch reviews and 500 total whisky reviews on reddit and plotted out my path to those milestones. Inspired by /u/tomodera‘s recent Arran-pocalypse posts (Part 1, Part 2), I decided to do a smaller multi of the Arran drams I haven’t posted here in the past. It’s kind of like the B-movie version of his post… it’s Piranha … Continue reading Arran-mageddon: 12 reviews of Arran single casks, LEs and crazy finishes

TWS Whisky Awards 2017: Cask Strength Canadian Whiskies & Wrap-up

This is the fourth and final category in our TWS Whisky Awards: Cask Strength Canadian Whiskies. In our previous three parts, we covered 1. under aged & non-whiskies; 2. Canadian Single Malts; and 3. Canadian Whiskies. There were only two bottles in this category, and you’ll find the notes and rankings below, along with a wrap-up of the series. Black Fox Spirits Wheat Spirit Cask Strength … Continue reading TWS Whisky Awards 2017: Cask Strength Canadian Whiskies & Wrap-up

Wiser’s 18 Cask Strength

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample. I have a little bit of a confession, as a Canadian whisky drinker. I prefer Wiser’s 18 over Wiser’s Legacy in blind taste tests. I’m a bad person. I’m an okay otter. So when members of the TWS recently visited Wiser’s for a very special tour. Wiser’s were nice enough to give parting gifts, including samples of Wiser’s 18 Cask… Continue reading Wiser’s 18 Cask Strength

Some NDP Bourbon Reviews

My wife and I recently had a great weekend in Windsor visiting the Hiram Walker Distillery, Canadian Club Brand Centre, Wolfhead Distillery and just hanging out with good company! We spent the weekend with some friends and he has a fantastic, growing collection of whiskies that he picks up in his business travels. Our weekend also involved a lot of great food including  flaming cheese at Santorini’s … Continue reading Some NDP Bourbon Reviews