Lagavulin – Lg8 – Elements of Islay [Mystery Review]

Thanks to /u/Throzen for sharing this dram. Mystery sample time! It’s always fun to have a new whisky, and one blind is pretty cool. Also single casks can really, really vary one each. Thus I went in completely blind. Let’s see how it tasted, shall we? Price:?N/A at the LCBO Region:?Islay Vintage:?2006 Bottled:?2018 Age:?12-years-old Cask Type:?2 Bourbon Barrels Abv:?59.5% Colour:?7.5Y 9/6 Nose:?Wheat, bacon, farmy, malt, butter, herbal… Continue reading Lagavulin – Lg8 – Elements of Islay [Mystery Review]

Lagavulin Single Cask Extravaganza

Thanks to /u/distillasian for sharing all of these with me. So we’re having an amazing night. Drinking samples that were brought back from Islay, and reminding ourselves to make distillasian’s wife many cakes. Or BBQ meat. Or cakes with BBQ meat in them. I’m not going to judge. For a few of the samples (save the two previous reviews that were bottles from Scotland) we were sharing… Continue reading Lagavulin Single Cask Extravaganza

Lagavulin 12 14th Edition/2014

Thanks to /u/devoz who had me pour the last of his bottle to polish it off. Since the year 2000, Lagavulin has released a cask strength that seemingly bucks the trend of other distilleries’ cask strength offering. It’s not the same age, it’s younger, but it’s more expensive. I am talking about Lagavulin 12 14th Edition/2014. Yes, others do this too. Kilkerran comes to mind initially, and then… Continue reading Lagavulin 12 14th Edition/2014

Islay comparison

Five of the big players from Islay. You will notice Bunnahabhain, Bruichladdich, and Kilchoman (among a few others) are absent from this lineup. I wanted to review the entry-level (age statement) offerings from the main distilleries to see how each compare. They are affordable, available, and most of all, these are the ones I currently have. Bowmore 12, 40% ABV, $60 CAD Nose: Very light … Continue reading Islay comparison

Lagavulin Line-up: 8yr, 12CS & 16yr

I’ve had a few drams from Lagavulin over the years but hadn’t yet posted any to the website, so figured why not aggregate them into one post. The timing on these varied greatly, as has my scoring, but I’m gonna leave my notes and scores as-is. _______________________________________________________________ In June 2016, I had the chance to travel to Islay with my wife and we visited a … Continue reading Lagavulin Line-up: 8yr, 12CS & 16yr

Bryan’s Trip to Scotland Part 3 – Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Lagavulin

The trip to Islay was probably the highlight of my 2+ weeks in Europe. Being able to see the distilleries I’ve been reading about and tasting drams from for years was amazing. This post covers our first day of distillery visits, and a bunch of pictures from our walk down the road from Port Ellen to Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg. At Laphroaig, we did a … Continue reading Bryan’s Trip to Scotland Part 3 – Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Lagavulin

(Lagavulin) Classic of Islay 2015

Thanks to /u/shane_il  for this sample! When is a Lagavulin not a Lagavulin? When it’s bottled by an Independent Bottler, that’s when. Also when it’s a gimlet. Oh, wait, that’s a different joke for /r/ginor the manic crazies at /r/vodka. Lagavulin doesn’t let you put their name on whisky that you, an IB, brings out. That’s what I’m saying. So I’m about to review a… Continue reading (Lagavulin) Classic of Islay 2015