Michter’s 10 Bourbon

Michter’s 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon, Barrel No.17H1150, 47.2% ABV, $105 USD. Nose: Really nice nutty note off the top, cherries, caramel, vanilla, cream corn, spearmint, and toasted oak. Taste: Great oakiness, milk chocolate, cigar, herbal, and again that general nuttiness that is really nice. Finish: Medium/long, chocolate, spice, and oak. Thoughts: Love it! This profile is exactly what I like in bourbon. The … Continue reading Michter’s 10 Bourbon

9 Mystery Bourbon Tasting

Thanks to /u/devoz, /u/lasidar, /u/texacer, /u/jolarbear , /u/muaddib99, /u/boyd86, /u/neversafeforlife, /u/slackerdude, and honestly other people who I can’t remember your reddit handles but I can remember your real names and saying them out loud would break confidentiality. So we had our Canadian Mystery Bourbon Tasting (45% or higher Abv.). And let me just say, showing no cockiness at all, that I did pretty well. I… Continue reading 9 Mystery Bourbon Tasting

Toronto Whisky Society High Proof Bourbon tasting night

The Toronto Whisky Society got together for a high proof bourbon tasting that’s been in the works for a few months. We finally found a day that worked for everyone and trekked up to Devoz‘s house for the event. right up front, big thank you to texacer of the Whisky network on Reddit for helping us pick out the bourbons to try. all of us sent lists of … Continue reading Toronto Whisky Society High Proof Bourbon tasting night