Review: Smokehead single malt

saw this at the LCBO on sale back in 2013 after only having bought blends. This was early in my scotch journey and only my second review. Smokehead Islay Single Malt: 43% ABV Colour: quite light, doesn’t seem to be much color added to it, yellow straw Nose: smoke and alcohol are predominant, peaty, some vanilla Taste: smoke, brine, peat are up front. wet, freshly cut … Continue reading Review: Smokehead single malt


If you’ve never have done a mystery review, you’re missing out. And while I haven’t received a mystery dram from a swap yet, my wife decided she’d be picking a Scotch for me to drink, and didn’t share the name with me. She did share it with everyone else at the table, which only made them giggle. Have you ever heard of Smokehead? Because honestly,… Continue reading Smokehead